What is Java Development Kit (JDK)?

What is JDK?

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a software development environment for creating Java applets and applications. JDK stands for Java Development Kit in its entire form. Java is available for Windows, macOS, Solaris, and Linux. They can use JDK to write and run Java apps. We can install more than one JDK version on the same computer.

Why required JDK?

The following are some of the most compelling reasons to use JDK:

•  JDK contains the tools needed to write Java programmes, whereas JRE is used to run them.

•  It comes with a compiler, a Java application launcher, and an Appletviewer, among other things.

•  The compiler turns Java code into byte code.

•  The Java application launcher starts the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), loads the required class, and runs the main function.

Features of JDK

The following are some of JDK’s key features:

• You can use a single catch block to handle several extensions.

• JDK includes all of the functionality found in JRE.

• It includes development tools like a compiler and a debugger.

The JDK is a development and execution environment for Java source code.

• It is compatible with Windows, Unix, and Mac operating systems.

• Instead of defining the precise type interface, the diamond operator can be used to provide a generic type interface.

How JDK  works ?

JDK  work flow Diagram
JDK  work flow Diagram

The following are the key components of JDK:

  • JDK and JRE: The JDK allows programmers to write core Java programmes that run on the JRE, which includes the JVM and class libraries.
  • Class Libraries: It is a collection of dynamically loadable libraries that a Java programme can use during runtime.
  • Compilers: It’s a Java software that takes a developers’ text file and compiles it into a Java class file. It is the most common type of compiler output that contains Java byte code. Javac is the major Java compiler.
  • Debuggers:  A Java debugger is a tool that allows programmers to test and debug Java projects.
  • JavaDoc: Sun Microsystems produces JavaDoc, which provides documentation for the Java programming language. Java-doc can be used to generate HTML API documentation from a source programme.
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