Types of Java Applications

Different types of Java Applications? Java provides a rich and wide range of API that helps programmers to develop applications. Using Java, we can develop different applications for different purposes. We can use Java technology to develop the following applications:

1. Standalone Application

Desktop or window-based applications are other terms for standalone applications. These are typical programmed that must be installed on each machine. Media players, antivirus, and other standalone software are examples. In Java, standalone applications are built using AWT and Swing.

2. Web application

A web application is an application that runs on the server and generates a dynamic page.Web applications in Java are currently built using technologies like as Servlet, JSP, Structs, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, and others.

3. Enterprise Application (ERP)

A big software system developed for use in a corporate context, such as a business or government, is known as an enterprise application. Enterprise apps include things like banking software and so on. High-level security, load balancing, and clustering are all advantages of this system. Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) are a type of Java bean that may be used to build enterprise applications.

4. Mobile Application

A mobile application is a programmed designed specifically for mobile devices. Mobile applications are now developed using Android and Java ME.

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