Distribution Set in Accounts Payable

Distribution Set

A Distribution Set is a collection of preconfigured distributions that may be assigned to a supplier site or invoice to construct distributions automatically, saving time and reducing data entry errors. When an invoice does not match a purchase order or receipt, we can employ a distribution set.

SetupInvoiceDistribution  Sets

oracle accounts payable Distribution set

Types of Distribution Sets

Skeleton: Where percent amounts are not given against each account (Account Code Combination), but all of the accounts required for an invoice are defined here. The percentage quantities are denoted by a 0 percent sign. When the same is assigned to a supplier or invoice, the system creates distributions with zero amounts and account codes defined in the distribution set. The distributions that have been created can be changed while the invoice is being entered.

Full: The Distribution Set lists percentage quantities for each code combination. The system creates the distributions automatically based on these percentages, which can be changed, and the sum of invoice distributions equals the invoice amount. Positive and negative percentages are allowed, but the sum of the distribution percentages must equal 100 or 0.

Define Distribution Set

Name and Description: The Distribution set’s name should reflect the expense or purpose for which it was created.

Num/percent/Account: Enter the sequence number and the percent (either zeros or absolute percent) as well as the appropriate accounts. When you save a distribution set, the system automatically fills in the Distribution set type field with ‘Skeleton’ or ‘Full.’

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