How to Create Internal Requisition,Internal Order in Oracle Apps(PO)

Internal requisitions are used to request and transfer materials from one inventory to another, or from one expense location to another.The following can be accomplished via internal requisition:-

• Requisition for Internal Use For data entry and inquiry, use the same windows as are used for purchase requisitions.

• Customize basic requisition and sales order capabilities to meet your own company needs.

• Generate inventory replenishment requisitions automatically and fulfill them through internal or external suppliers.

• You can check the status of your requests online.

• Move inventory items from one inventory organization to another using internal requisitions, even if the second organization is part of a separate operating unit, legal entity, or ledger.


India Local Purchasing → Requisitions → Requisitions

Adding Internal Requisition Information

  1. To enter a Requisition go to Requisition screen
  2. Select the Type as Internal Requisition.
  3. Enter the line type as Goods.
  4. Select the Item for which want to create internal requisition. Item category, Description, UOM will default from the Item Definition.
  5. Enter the Item Quantity and Need by Date that needs to be requisitioned.
  6. In the Destination Type, select Inventory from the list of values.
  7. Select the organization and the corresponding location for which the requisition is being created from the organization List Of Values (LOV). In the source field, select Inventory (Only in case of Internal requisitions)
  8. For the Organization field under the Source field, select from LOV the Organization which is going to supply the item to the Destination Organization. Also select the sub-inventory.
Create new requisition form oracle apps R12
Save new requisition form oracle apps R12
  1. Save . System will generate a requisition number
  2. Now click onto Approve tab for sending the requisition for approval
Requisition for approval form oracle apps R12
Requisition headers summary form oracle apps R12

11. The  requisition will  be  sent  for  approval as  per  the  approval  hierarchy. Once  it is approved  it  can  be  view   through  the   requisition  summary  form.   The  approval status  will  be  Approved. Initially  at  the  time  of requisition creation  the  approval status   will  be  Incomplete. Once  the  requisition is  sent  for  approval its  status   is changed  to ‘In-process’. Once approved its status  changes  to Approved.

Requisition approval status  form oracle apps R12

To Create Internal Orders

Once  an  internal   requisition is  approved,  the  same  needs  to  be  converted into  an internal  order.

Navigation      : India Local Purchasing –>   Request –>  Submit  a New Request

Sumit Request to create Internal order oracle apps R12

1.   Select  the   request   ‘Create   Internal   Orders’   from   the   List  of  Values   (LOV).  This request    will   create    internal  orders   for   all   the  approved  internal  requisitions pending for internal  order  creation.

2.  Operating unit field will default  the value ABC MFG OU’.

3.  Click onto the Submit  tab.

4.  Now click onto Find to review  the report.

5.  The report  shows  its status  as Completed and Normal

Report Status of submitted request for Internal order oracle apps R12

6.  Import   internal   order   through  ‘Import  Order’  function   from  Order   Management responsibility.

Sumit Request to import internal order oracle apps R12

7.  Select the parameters as per the below screen.

Select Parameters to import internal order oracle apps R12

8.  Click on ‘Ok’ button and submit  the request  to import  internal  order.

Order Import Request oracle apps
Internal Order Request status oracle Apps

9.  Once  completed, click onto  the  View Log tab to see for the  Internal  Orders  that  has been created.

Internal Order Log tab file Oracle apps

10. Query the order  by using order  organizer.

11. Update order  with  the required  information and book the order  for further shipment.

Internal Order created Form oracle apps r12



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